Ban the Burque – by Joe Monahan


by @JoeMonahan, Independent Political Journalist –

Will someone call the Mayor and ask him to ban the use of this word: “Burqueños” What is that, anyway? Sounds like a bunch of gang-bangers. While he’s at it, can he also ban “Burque,” the underground nickname for ABQ out of the area lexicon? Another nickname so ugly it makes you wretch. Thankfully, the use of these phrases seems confined to a small portion of the SE Heights where leftover psychedelic drugs from the 60’s are still being consumed….


Lots of Burqueño bashing here- aside from a call by a journalist to ban words (free speech?), Joes article is stereotypical and offensive.

The guy is obviously out of touch-Southeast Heights, psychedelic drug using “gang-bangers” from the 60’s? Could be a platform for Berry’s reelection- I suppose he might have to grow his hair out… (he’d probably look like Gallager)- but could work.

I might guess Joe watches Breaking Bad reruns instead of the news. What’s he have against the SE heights anyway? From which pedestal does he write? is he still living in Pennsylvania and only pretends to live in Burque?

From Four Hills to Talin Market- political refugees, new housing development, community gardens, food trucks, business, at least the SE heights community is trying to lift itself up from a decade of poverty. The International District— my guess is in 5-10 years it will be the place to move because of its history and culture. But, probably not for Joe though- he might like an underground compound somewhere where he’s safe from words like Burque.

In the end I’m guessing this guy would probably wanna ban words like chile and tortilla because he’s uncomfortable culture. Ban people who say funny words he can’t understand because he’s intimidated by what he doesn’t know. He is probably uncomfortable with people that don’t think, speak or look like him.

Joe is a political consultant – someone paid to pretend like he knows how you will vote. – And just a heads up… anyone running for office should not consult with this guy.

We Burqueños come from all walks of life- different shapes, sizes, colors, educational backgrounds, cities, nationalities – you name it. Unfortunately we also have people like Joe- a transplant from Pennsylvania. Not that all Penn transplants are bad- just Joe.

Joe, call Albuquerque what you’d like. But just remember- the people and culture that surround you are Burque. We are Burqueños. It’s not a crime or something you call the mayor about to make go away like your trash. It’s a slang word that means a lot of things to a lot of different people. In its most basic definition- it describes place or group of people who live in a place- specifically Albuquerque. Therefore- unfortunately- you too are a Burqueño.

You can hide from it – pretend it doesn’t exist, but in the end of the day, when people say Burqueño- they mean you too. An arrogant blogger who writes about politics and wants to ban words.

I feel kinda dirty saying you are – but Joe, you are a Burqueño.

In some way it’s poetic justice.

My first thought when I read your article was “ban Joe Monahan.” But we’re not all like you Joe.

Seems like there is enough fear and cultural division in the world. Fortunately, you’re only a dictator in your own mind Joe.

Say it Joe….”I’m a Burqueño.” it’s ok. No one can hear it in your shallow mind. Say it, “I’m a Burqueño.”

Or move back to PA. Then you can say “I live in Pennsylvania and I used to live in this place called…. the burk, the birky, Burque, the Q, ” or whatever you wanna call it.